April 22, 2024 (New Haven) – The Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CT) stands in solidarity with Yale University students and their legitimate demands for the school to divest from weapons manufacturing companies contributing to Israel’s genocide in Palestine. Further we deplore the arrest of more than 47 students at Beinecke Plaza this morning who were engaged in a peaceful protest against Yale’s policies. By divesting from these military companies, Yale can reaffirm its commitment to promoting peace, justice, and human dignity, both within its campus community and on the global stage.

Today’s protest and arrests come on a day when health authorities in Khan Yunis have uncovered mass graves at the site of the Nasser Hospital. Some of the bodies are reported to be those of children whose hands were tied behind their backs and hospital workers who were still wearing scrubs. Evidence of this type of extra-judicial killings further supports allegations made at the Court of International Justice earlier this year that Israel is engaging in a genocide in Gaza.

“Yale University has a proud tradition of standing against injustices such as apartheid,” said Farhan Memon, Board Chairman of CAIR-CT. “We urge Yale to uphold this legacy by divesting from military companies whose products fuel wars and human suffering. By associating with entities involved in genocide or human rights abuses, Yale risks being perceived as complicit in supporting oppression and violence, rather than advancing knowledge and understanding,” said Memon.

“Schools, as bastions of knowledge and enlightenment, bear a moral responsibility to support initiatives that promote peace and security. Investments in education contribute to the advancement of society, fostering innovation, understanding, and cooperation. Conversely, investing in companies that perpetuate warfare and conflict not only contradicts the mission of educational institutions but also undermines efforts towards global peace and harmony.”

CAIR Connecticut also notes that Israeli Occupation Forces have destroyed 12 colleges and universities in Gaza in a deliberate strategy to eradicate centers of learning where despite being refugees Palestinians have become one of the most literate and educated populations in the world. The administration of Yale should be using its resources to condemn this cultural genocide rather than silencing the voices of students who are taking a moral stand.

The Connecticut chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting understanding and mutual respect among all people, particularly regarding issues related to Islam and Muslims in America.

For more information contact: Farhan Memon, Chairman (fmemon@cair.com 203-517-6526) or Hassan Awward, Director of Operations (hawwad@cair.com 202-213-6844)